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Leadership speech


Our success cannot be separated from the support of the community and is the result of the hard work of all the staff of the firm。In this regard, we would like to express our sincere respect and heartfelt thanks.


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Ms. Lei Jiazhang participated in the 16th and 17th World Congress of Accountants            Left: Lei Jiazhang Right: National Audit Office Director Comrade Li Jinhua


Chairman of Guizhou Zhengfang Accounting Firm                   
Secretary of Guizhou Party Branch                   
Ms. Lei Jiazhang, chairman of Guizhou Zhengfang Engineering Cost Consulting Firm Limited       
General manager of Guizhou Zhengfang Asset Appraisal Firm Co., LTD                   
General manager of Guizhou Fangxing Tax Agents Co., LTD                   

Ms. Lei Jiazhang has been recognized by the society and has been employed by relevant social organizations and commended by relevant departments。

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